A couple of years ago I did an interview with junior mining analyst Brent Cook, and I asked him to name a few under the radar geologists to follow.

One of his suggestions was a man by the name of Rob McLeod, born in Stewart, BC, and now a resident of North Vancouver.

“Rob McLeod has a real good geologic mind, he’s not the best promoter in the world, but he sees things, and recognizes them,” Cook said in his typical plain speak.

Shortly thereafter I met Rob for breakfast and he’s been one of my favorite people in the mining business ever since.

McLeod is part of the McLeod mining family. His father Ian was an underground miner turned small town mayor (also Stewart, BC). His uncle, Don McLeod, was and is still a well known mining entrepreneur.

Don’s kids, Bruce and Catherine, have each been very successful in the mining finance business (Catherine McLeod-Seltzer, for example, is a director of Bear Creek Mining and Lowell Copper currently).

Rob and his colleague Michael McPhie joined me for an interview just over a week ago, which I expect to finalize and publish sometime next week.

In this short excerpt, McLeod puts his track record in his own words.

He compares finding gold to winning the Stanley Cup. “It’s always teams that make discoveries.”

McLeod recalls his own experience with Miramar Mining, and the Hope Bay gold deposit in the Canadian high Arctic, which subsequently sold to Newmont. We then fast forward to the Underworld Resources White Gold discovery which was sold to Kinross.

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