Our friends at Pinnacle Digest published a great 24 minute audio interview with veteran mineral exploration analyst John Kaiser, whose Bottom Fish service tracks over 1800 junior resource companies listed on the TSX-V.

Listen: 686 Junior Resource Companies on the Brink | John Kaiser Apr 17, 2013 Interview

Kaiser sees commodity prices trending lower. He is not optimistic for the nearly 40% of exploration and development companies tracked by his service with less than $200,000 in the bank, saying they would likely disappear, merge or go into hibernation over the coming years.

He fears sovereign wealth funds will take advantage of distressed valuations for advanced stage projects by taking them over for far below their true value.

John thinks now is a good time to begin accumulating the higher quality junior names with a longer term horizon of at least 12 months.

He also sees gold possibly going to $10,000, but only in an environment where inflation has driven up the prices to produce gold to nearly that level. IE: Mining is still a shitty business.

Source: Pinnacle Digest