1/10oz Mandela 90th Birthday Platinum Medallion

TCR first flagged the idea of a Nelson Mandela platinum coin in early November 2013.

Now, the coin idea is in the news. See: Mandela Platinum Coin

A platinum coin memorializing Nelson Mandela could mesmerize Mandela fans and use 1 million ounces of the metal a year, platinum executives in South Africa estimate. Some mints in the world already have sovereign platinum coins. Just not with Mr. Mandela on them.

I first heard the idea when a wholesaler coined it at Brien Lundin's New Orleans Investment Conference. This is still the best "idea" conference in my notebooks, going back many years, by the way. Better than any resources scrum organized by Casey, by PDAC, well really -- by anyone. Plus, New Orleans is on a roll with some fresh energy companies and a growing crop of solar and network-lined companies: Forcefield Energy (FNRG on NASDAQ in USA), for one, NatCore Technology (NXT in Canada) for another. (Both of those are fulfilling the goals and oaths they made at the November show.)

Back to platinum.

About 6 years ago, whilst at Nelson Mandela Square, a Jo'burg shopping mall, I was fortunate to purchase a Mandela Platinum set honoring the South Africa leader's 90th birthday. Mr. Mandela died in December 2014 at age 95.

I think the set has tripled in value.

As for the platinum equities, I own (and try to cover) only two: Platinum Group Metals (PTM in Canada), which just published a significant economic report outline a funding requirement at Waterberg that is lower than $1 billion -- a coup; Ivanhoe Mines (IVN in Canada). Waterberg and Ivanhoe's Platreef development are both located at South Africa's Bushveld Complex.

I own another platypus, one of my biggest mistakes of the 21st century: an Australia equity with a Colombia alluvial platinum property. Now let's see, George, if I bought wretched Condoto Platinum shares at 55 cents (Australian) and it's at 5 cents 12 months later, what are the percentage chances I will see even-money? Without averaging down? What was I thinking: platinum in Colombia?

Buccaneer Gold: If you expect the metals equities rally to continue into spring and early summer, take a look at this hidden gold prospector in the Kibi Gold Belt of Ghana. At $1 million market capitalization, the shares are on my list for thick gains as the gold rally takes hold and more attention is showered on Asanko Gold (AKG in USA) and other wanna-be producers in Ghana, in Mali, in Burkina Faso and across West Africa. I have seen Buccaneer's property in the Kibi. High-grade gold in thick bush. Streams. Cacao trees.

The same folks who run Xtra-Gold (XTGR) in Ghana run BGG (ticker in Canada). You might want to wait for a 1-for-2.5 or so share shrinkage that will put the stock back closer to 8 cents Canadian. I am not for that share shrinkage but so far that is what the company is looking to do. Why? Buccaneer after the share consolidating, if successful (I hope not!), will have about 11 million shares outstanding, CEO Paul Zyla tells me today (Saturday). I own it.

Speaking of money, please take a peek at some of Tommy Humphreys' on-air work in South Africa earlier this month, at Mining INDABA, the metals conference. We expect Mr. Tommy to log a report on his review of Ivanhoe Mines properties in RSA (platinum, gold, nickel, etc.), Democratic Republic of the Congo (copper, zinc) and of great interest in this corner: République Gabonaise (gold, gold, gold in Gabon?). See:

Finally: As stated this past week, the best shot at a (three-week) double on a relatively safe and supremely well run and conscientious prospector with a shot at a country gambit (for metals and oil-gas) -- Cambodia property developer Angkor Gold (ANK in Canada). Secret or not so, the investing world will discover at some point, probably soon, what Mike Week's Angkor is all about in that part of the Asia world. I own about 300,000 shares. Much more on the subject at, at (The Calandra Report subscription required for real time delivery) and at

Your friendly, Thom Calandra reporting: