James Dines

Jim Dines has been writing a financial newsletter since the 1950's (Don Parrish photo)

Veteran financial forecaster Jim Dines of the Dines Letter is a veritable fountain of opinions on just about everything, and his market predictions have made some investors a ton of money. So when he was interviewed Sunday by King World News, our ears perked up.

Here's the long and short of Dines' predictions about what he envisions as a 'super major bull market', which he feels will emerge largely invisible to mainstream media, much like the internet boom did in the late '90's.

Dines references the 'coming 3-D printing boom', which will totally redefine manufacturing with emerging technology that will actually recreate anything from guitars to body parts with precision to the sub microscopic level. Obviously this revolution in manufacturing will totally change the way we live, and although Dines acknowledges that it's still early and the whole area is very complex, he's on the hunt for suitable companies to invest in. And in classic Dines style, he's baptized himself the 'original restructuring bug', yet one more title to add to his already extensive list of credits.

When asked about gold, Dines articulated his concern about a coming religious war in the Middle East, noting the historical rise in gold that accompanies geo-political turmoil, and citing last weeks surge in the metal. Dines was non-committal with respect to a short term high for gold, but suggested a possible pull back in September. Be ready: Dines will be predicting the start date for WWIII soon (seriously).

Dines' outlook for China has been bearish for the past couple of years, but he says that he's now adding Chinese stocks, because the business media sector there is booming. In addition, 3 rare earth stocks bottomed this past April, and the old (and venerable) oracle believes there is a cyclical upturn on the horizon.

Listen to the Dines interview over at King World News->