Shannon Nelson
Shannon Nelson is an accomplished writer, interviewer, and radio and television host, formerly with CFUN, VisionTV, the Biography Channel and CBC Television. Before starting a family in the early 80's, Shannon was a stock broker at Pemberton Securities and Canarim Securities (now Canaccord). She is the mother of founder Tommy Humphreys.
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POSTED ON December 18, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

As a Canadian living in the United States (legally – I’m a permanent resident), Americans routinely ask me when I’m going to become a US citizen. “I can’t wait to throw a party for you when you become an American”, gushed one California friend on the golf course the other day. In fact, all my… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 08, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

A couple weeks ago I received an email from my brother John, a broker at Scotia McLeod, that reads as follows: Shannie:  You should download the podcast series, Serial.  It is free and very addictive.  I’ve been listening to these over the last few days and can’t get enough. John and I share similar tastes… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 25, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

When Apple CEO Tim Cook sits around the Thanksgiving dinner table on Thursday and some lame relative asks what he’s thankful for this year, he won’t have to dig too deep to come up with an answer.  Already the world’s largest company by market capitalization, Apple stock traded as high as $119.75 today, giving the… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 25, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

Since hearing of the passing of the mighty Pat Quinn yesterday media tributes have poured in from all over the continent.  In Vancouver especially there are heavy hearts, as most of us here considered the ex Coach and Manager of the Canucks one of our own. Vancouver writer Gary Mason penned a tribute to Pat… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 24, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

In case you missed it, NY Giants receiver Odell Beckham Jr. caught this pass one-handed from Eli Manning and scored a touchdown in last night’s game vs. Dallas. Dallas ended up winning the game 31-28, and if you believe what sports commentators are saying about the catch, Odell Beckham Jr. just made history. Rumor has it… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 24, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

If you’re looking for a career with a great young company, you should consider Slack, who are soon going to be hiring in Vancouver. Never heard of Slack? Time you did, because according to a recent post by Gabe at MacDrifter, “Slack just sucked the oxygen out of the collaborative work-room”. For those of you… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 21, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

Today’s young men (and sometimes women) have unlimited access to pornography through the internet, and while viewing online porn via sites like Tube V sex may be educational (right) or simply entertaining for many, there is a growing number of women complaining that their lovers cannot perform real life sex in the bedroom. Leah McLaren… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 19, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

A few weeks ago I alerted readers to Derek Jeter’s new website, The now retired baseball superstar created the site to enable professional athletes to have a vehicle to communicate directly with fans without a biased media filter. Since then contributors have included Danica Patrick, Kevin Love, and Brendan Shanahan, and their posts have… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 17, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

Three years ago 48-year-old stockbroker John Nelson had had enough. It was 2:30 pm on a Friday, and his back, long a source of pain during his workdays and weekly rounds of golf was killing him. Researching an array of latex mattress brands helped John realize some of the pain could be alleviated by switching… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 10, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

Boy did I catch hell at the supermarket the other day. I was standing in line at the check out counter minding my own business, when an elderly lady dropped a turnip on the floor beside me. Naturally I bent over and picked it up for her. As I rolled it onto her section of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 05, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

Recent comments by Bank of Canada governor Stephen Poloz have stirred up a debate that has been percolating for years, but is especially loud during lean economic times.  Addressing the issue of high rates of unemployed young people in Canada, Poloz commented that he thinks they should consider working for free. Judging from the response to… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 30, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

Since Ghomeshi-gate broke last Friday, the media have been pumping out a myriad of takes on the scandalous story. Initially, many in the world of celebrity and politics (Elizabeth May – my Gawd what a shit-show that was) sided with Ghomeshi, or at least made the statement that his sexual proclivities should not impact his… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 29, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

If you’ve ever embarked on the painstakingly tedious process of raising seed capital for your company, you know that a dismal 98% of business plans pitched to venture capitalists or accredited angel investors are rejected. And in the off chance that your idea is endorsed, the combined expense of raising funds via traditional financing routes… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 27, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

Jian Ghomeshi, now infamous host of CBC’s popular radio show ‘Q’, is getting more attention than he likely ever dreamed of back when he did the weekly entertainment report on Canada Now. In case you haven’t heard, Ghomeshi was fired by the CBC last Friday, and the story that is unfolding is a real doozy.… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 15, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

When I was a talk radio host years ago my producer Robin thought it would be fun to do a spot about ego surfing, or the practice of Googling ourselves. In preparation for what we assumed was going to be a light-hearted look at a mild vanity indulgence, I was instantly horrified to find that… Continue Reading