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POSTED ON February 10, 2016 BY James Kwantes

It was mushrooms that brought Shawn Ryan to the Yukon, but gold that secured his fortune and reputation. Specifically, soil sampling leading to the discovery of gold, millions of ounces of it. His Yukon exploits also brought him a measure of fame — the prospector appeared on the cover of the New York Times Magazine… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 26, 2016 BY James Kwantes

Mountain Province Diamonds (MPV-T) CEO Patrick Evans opened his breakfast talk at Roundup Monday morning with a macro look at global diamond supply and demand, through the lens of Canadian production. Evans painted a somewhat dire picture, saying that Canada’s No. 3 position as a diamond producer is threatened because of “paltry” dollars being spent… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 22, 2016 BY James Kwantes

Deep below the surface of Mongolia’s southern Gobi desert, men and machinery are laying the foundation for a mining enterprise that will drive the country’s economy for decades to come. Shaft 2 at Oyu Tolgoi’s underground mine expansion is 1.3 kilometres deep and will provide access to some of the largest stores of copper and… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 19, 2016 BY Tommy Humphreys

“The whole problem with the world is that fools and fanatics are always so certain of themselves, and wiser people so full of doubts.” – Bertrand Russell I’ll never forget my first bull-market mining investment conference. An “analyst” hosting a standing-room only workshop was banging the table about a 20-cent exploration stock, shouting, “They are… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 13, 2016 BY James Kwantes

“Royalty” – the term touches on the right of kings, as well as a legal claim on revenues or profits. It can also be a great business model, as shown by Franco-Nevada over the past several years. And Franco-Nevada has indeed been royalty in the mining space through a period of shareholder value destruction. The… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 04, 2016 BY Kip Keen

Today I join the team. On the one hand it’s a seamless shift for me. As at Mineweb and the Northern Miner, my previous homes as a writer and editor, I’ll be helping the team produce crack stories about exploration and entrepreneurs. On the other hand it’s a new adventure. Tommy and his… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 18, 2015 BY Tommy Humphreys

By James Kwantes and Tommy Humphreys Tim Coughlin’s career arc is actually a circle. The 50 year old geologist did his PhD research on gold-system targeting methods in the Andes of South America. Later, as chief geologist for AngloGold Ashanti, Coughlin spent several years being a “first mover” in Colombia, which at the time was… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 16, 2015 BY James Kwantes

As a child growing up in England, Paul Brockington used to enter stock-picking contests run by the Daily Mail newspaper. Later, having spent a decade as a Winnipeg-based mining analyst for Richardson, Brockington was in a position to recognize the potential significance when Chuck Fipke’s Dia Met Minerals drilled the discovery hole that launched the… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 15, 2015 BY Tommy Humphreys

With the help of thousands of retail investors, real estate syndicator Kevin England has enjoyed an impressive career buying, fixing up and selling — sometimes decades later — higher-end apartment buildings in markets including Toronto and Dallas-Fort Worth. England is a very personable entrepreneur whose career has been defined by his ease in cultivating close… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 14, 2015 BY Tommy Humphreys

Millrock Resources (MRO – TSXV) is a mineral exploration company following the prospect generator business model. That means Millrock generates exploration targets and finds deeper pocketed partners to pay for the expensive stuff like helicopter rentals and drilling, while Millrock usually retains a project interest, and earns money for managing the work programs. A lot… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 25, 2015 BY Tommy Humphreys

Canada’s Athabasca Basin is arguably the best place to look for uranium in the world, and it’s the backyard of Cameco, the world’s largest producer. A few small exploration companies have been able to find and delineate uranium deposits there and make money for shareholders by selling them to majors such as Cameco. CEO.CA has… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 25, 2015 BY Jamie Keech

Nestled among the hills of Egypt’s eastern desert are a series of underground mines. The workings, where miners once scratched deep into the mica and talc schist of the craggy hills searching for stones, have lain dormant for over 2 millennia. Neither gold nor copper were being pulled from the mines. Instead, something far more… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 19, 2015 BY James Kwantes

Christmas came early for Lucara CEO William Lamb, and it took the shape of a near-tennis-ball-sized diamond that captured the world’s imagination and the market’s attention. Lucara shares surged 49 cents, or 30.43%, to a close of $2.10 on heavy trading Thursday on the Toronto Stock Exchange, adding about $200 million to the company’s market… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 10, 2015 BY James Kwantes

Mining cycles are Doug Eaton’s stock in trade, which helps explain why the Strategic Metals CEO is remarkably zen given the state of junior mining markets – and his company’s share price. The veteran Yukon geologist has made a career out of using cycle bottoms to sow the seeds of success before harvesting closer to the… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 28, 2015 BY Tommy Humphreys

The Toronto office of Warren Irwin, hedge fund manager and CEO of Rosseau Asset Management, is decked out with memorabilia from Bre-X Minerals Ltd., the largest and most famous gold mining fraud in history. Irwin made a fortune as a young money manager trading Bre-X stock. He had heard about the Indonesia-focused exploration company in… Continue Reading

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