Jamie Keech
Jamie Keech completed an undergraduate degree at the University of Toronto in Mineral Engineering. He spent the early part of his career working in exploration in Mexico, Nevada, the Yukon and Albania. He went back to school, completing a Masters in Mining Engineering focused on Environmental Development and Corporate Social Responsibility at the Camborne School of Mines in the UK. Mr. Keech then moved to Hong Kong and Mongolia working for the world’s largest mining contractor, Leighton Holdings, on three open-pit coal mines. He then returned to Toronto and spent two years working with Hatch Consulting, a leading global engineering firm, where he was focused on ArcelorMittal’s $6-billion Mary River iron ore project in Nunavut. Today Mr. Keech conducts due diligence on behalf of mining investors, and consults to various junior companies on technical due diligence, project management and regulatory affairs. He has taught an introduction to mining at Nanjing University, in Nanjing, China, and seminars for P.W.C. on the technical aspects of mining.
Articles by Jamie
POSTED ON November 25, 2015 BY Jamie Keech

Nestled among the hills of Egypt’s eastern desert are a series of underground mines. The workings, where miners once scratched deep into the mica and talc schist of the craggy hills searching for stones, have lain dormant for over 2 millennia. Neither gold nor copper were being pulled from the mines. Instead, something far more… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 21, 2015 BY Jamie Keech

Almost exactly 2 years ago, CEO.CA correspondent Jamie Keech interviewed Liberal natural resources critic Geoff Regan about the party’s ideas on natural resources development, the environment, First Nations and more. The Liberal party won a majority of seats in Monday’s federal election and while Prime Minister-elect Justin Trudeau will not name a cabinet until Nov.… Continue Reading

POSTED ON May 29, 2015 BY Jamie Keech

Recently I called Anthem the “rising star” of the Toll Milling industry… Today we might have to revise that to simply: The Star. Earlier today Anthem United announced that they will be purchasing a second 350 tpd mill in Chaparra, Arequipa, Peru. So quickly what does this means for Anthem, and Toll Milling in Peru? Size… Continue Reading

POSTED ON May 21, 2015 BY Jamie Keech

In the late 1990s a small Canadian junior mining company bought an exploration property in southern Peru with a plan to capitalize on the newly opened market after two decades of internal conflict and civil war. Just 100 km north of the Atacama Desert, the driest place on earth, the property consisted of hard earthen… Continue Reading

POSTED ON May 08, 2015 BY Jamie Keech

If you’re reading this blog you likely have more than a passing interest in the mining industry. And if you work or invest in the space you’ve likely spent the last several years trying to do one or more of the following: keep your job, find a new job, or slow the inevitable hemorrhaging of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON April 08, 2015 BY Jamie Keech

Right next to the Huckleberry copper-gold-molybdenum mine in Northwest BC, a junior company called Gold Reach Resources Ltd. (GRV.V) has been exploring the Ootsa property. To date, the company has found three copper-gold-molybdenum deposits at Ootsa, having drilled over 140,000 metres (350 holes) at the 100% owned property. The mineralization is porphyry style and low… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 22, 2014 BY Jamie Keech

A standout among three of the best Alaska and Yukon gold juniors today. Also, a picnic. Last month I had the opportunity to attend an analyst’s tour in Alaska and the Yukon on behalf of CEO.ca / Resource Opportunities where we checked out three of the North’s most interesting projects, run by three different companies. Each… Continue Reading

POSTED ON August 11, 2014 BY Jamie Keech

Recently CEO analyst Travis McPherson and I had the opportunity to attend the Sprott Natural Resource Symposium at the historic Fairmont Hotel Vancouver. The conference gave us the opportunity to hear from and rub shoulders with some of the best names in mining. From Robert Friedland’s keynote address, to Ross Beaty’s keen insights and Rick… Continue Reading

POSTED ON April 02, 2013 BY Jamie Keech

Lately, the media has made much of Canada’s “Cold War Era” uranium policy, limiting foreign ownership rights to 49 percent of a producing uranium project. The policy’s loudest critics include Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall, Newfoundland & Labrador Premier Kathy Dunderdale, Rio Tinto, Areva Resources, Paladin Energy Ltd. and the Australian government. As it stands, a… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 26, 2013 BY Jamie Keech

On Feb. 26 2013, Liberal MP John McKay sponsored the first reading of Bill C-474 in parliament; also known as “The Sunshine Bill”. An Act respecting the promotion of financial transparency, improved accountability and long-term economic sustainability through the public reporting of payments made by mining, oil and gas corporations to foreign governments. In the… Continue Reading