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To make money in this energy market, you have to be innovative and flexible.  I warned subscribers earlier this year to prepare themselves for some out-of-the-box investment ideas to make 2015 a very profitable year.  In 2012 I did that with refineries.  In 2013 I did that with ethanol stocks as traditional upstream E&P stocks were just not the place to be.

I just made the single largest dollar purchase of my life—just over $400,000 of my personal money—to buy a position in this out-of-the-box company that has:

  1. A 10% yield when I bought it last week (still over 8%)
  2. 56% payout ratio
  3. Almost no debt
  4. Key industry partners who are the leaders in their field.
  5. EV/EBITDA of ~4 (peers trade 8-11x)

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Every year I find one stock that makes my year; maybe two.  This is The One for 2015.  I expect significant growth in revenue, cash flow and dividends in the coming 2-3 years.  The first taste of that should happen in Q3 2015.

In 2012 it was DeeThree Explorations ($2-$12) and Northern Tier Energy (NTI-NYSE; $18-$32).

In 2013 it was Green Plains (GPRE-NASD; $9-$45) and Pacific Ethanol (PEIX-NASD; $3-$23).  I actually didn’t have a pick in 2014 that was The One.

But this is The One for 2015. It doesn’t need a sexy introduction. As both the overall Market and commodities are down today, this stock is hitting new highs, as investors begin to understand the earnings potential of this company in the very near term.

It’s the best stock I’ve seen to trial my service risk-free (I give you 30 days to test-drive if you go with the quarterly subscription).

This stock needs no sexy sales pitch or introduction.  It just makes so much sense at this price level.

My full 23 page report--written in simple English--is now in the Members Centre.   So is a transcript from an interview with the CEO, where he gives some remarkably candid information about the business and their strategy.

Investors rarely get this kind of growth and income in one company.

Here’s the link: click here to find out the name of the stock.

Keith Schaefer