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POSTED ON July 14, 2015 BY James Altucher

Ok, I admit it. I perjured in a court of law. It was after I ran over a guy. It was in 1985 or 86. I forget. I was 17 or 18. I remember it was raining. I remember the car spinning. I remember I went through a windshield. Supposedly when you go through a… Continue Reading

POSTED ON June 06, 2015 BY James Altucher

I used to love my job. Love it. I worked for my favorite entertainment company in the world. I would’ve paid to work there. I made friends at work. And on weekends we’d even get together and play poker. Sometimes we’d even travel on vacations together. My boss would yell at me but I could… Continue Reading

POSTED ON May 19, 2015 BY Michael Allison

“Whosoever desires constant success must change his conduct with the times.” ― Niccolò Machiavelli Standing on Palatine Hill last week, I tried imaging six-storey gleaming marble arches and gilded statues in place of the weathered foundations, chipped arches and shattered marble floors built in the centuries following Rome’s founding in the eighth century B.C. Now… Continue Reading

POSTED ON May 05, 2015 BY James Altucher

“I hate everyone I work with,” I told my astrologer / therapist. “I feel like everything I say is fake just so people can like me.” I had clients calling me at 4 in the morning asking for advice. Then they would forget to pay their bills. Years later I was calling new clients in… Continue Reading

POSTED ON April 20, 2015 BY James Altucher

Rich Roll was having a heart attack on his staircase. He was fat. He hated his work. He was unhappy. A few years later he ran, swam, biked, 703 miles in seven days when he was 45 years old. When he was 40 he had a job he was unhappy at but he was still… Continue Reading

POSTED ON April 17, 2015 BY James Altucher

Not everyone can be a Mark Zuckerberg! Not everyone can be an Elizabeth Holmes, who dropped out of Stanford at 19, started a business in a basement, and is now a multi-billionaire. Not everyone can be a Bill Gates. Or a Beyonce (although Claudia wants to be Beyonce in her next life. Which I hope… Continue Reading

POSTED ON April 07, 2015 BY James Altucher

My mom told me I looked disgusting. I was eating cereal. Reading a book. In a few minutes I would go to school. She had just woken up. Walked into the kitchen. Saw me. Said her thing. Not the worst thing in the world. Not something you can’t overcome. I was maybe 16. I liked… Continue Reading

POSTED ON March 14, 2015 BY James Altucher

Imagine self-publishing 500,000,000 books. It happened and I’m going to tell you how. Everyone says that technology right now gives more opportunity than ever to “choose yourself”. That only now we have the opportunity to escape the cubicle and live a life of freedom. This is not true. Freedom starts with the choice inside yourself.… Continue Reading

POSTED ON February 23, 2015 BY James Altucher

I have never met a person who suddenly became happy simply by “finding their passion”. If my passion had come crawling across my bed during any of my lowest 50 moments in life and started nibbling on my ear I would’ve just pushed it away. Usually I wanted money or sex and I felt passion… Continue Reading

POSTED ON January 15, 2015 BY Michael Allison

Gordon Gekko was right. Lunch is for wimps. So is breakfast, for that matter. Anyone who wants to master their weight, health and fitness, and save time and money by literally doing nothing should explore the world of fasting. But unlike Gekko’s propensity for making big bucks on the backs of hard working, salt of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 18, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

As a Canadian living in the United States (legally – I’m a permanent resident), Americans routinely ask me when I’m going to become a US citizen. “I can’t wait to throw a party for you when you become an American”, gushed one California friend on the golf course the other day. In fact, all my… Continue Reading

POSTED ON December 08, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

A couple weeks ago I received an email from my brother John, a broker at Scotia McLeod, that reads as follows: Shannie:  You should download the podcast series, Serial.  It is free and very addictive.  I’ve been listening to these over the last few days and can’t get enough. John and I share similar tastes… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 25, 2014 BY Andrew Nelson

Nolan Watson, CPA, CFA, is one of the most astute CEOs in mining under 40. In 2005, he became the first employee of Silver Wheaton after it was spun out of Ian Telfer’s Goldcorp. Watson was appointed CFO shortly thereafter and the company quickly became the world’s largest silver producer. Watson left Silver Wheaton in 2008 to co-found Sandstorm Gold (TSE:SSL),… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 10, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

Boy did I catch hell at the supermarket the other day. I was standing in line at the check out counter minding my own business, when an elderly lady dropped a turnip on the floor beside me. Naturally I bent over and picked it up for her. As I rolled it onto her section of… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 27, 2014 BY Shannon Nelson

Jian Ghomeshi, now infamous host of CBC’s popular radio show ‘Q’, is getting more attention than he likely ever dreamed of back when he did the weekly entertainment report on Canada Now. In case you haven’t heard, Ghomeshi was fired by the CBC last Friday, and the story that is unfolding is a real doozy.… Continue Reading

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