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POSTED ON March 29, 2015 BY Tommy Humphreys

This morning, Resource Opportunities, a subscriber-supported investment newsletter founded by geologist Lawrence Roulston in 1998, appointed its next editor, Mr. James Kwantes, currently mining reporter with Vancouver Sun and editor of the World of Mining blog. I know this because I recruited him for the position, having been working with Lawrence Roulston to revive Resource Opportunities… Continue Reading

POSTED ON November 02, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Natural resources are an extremely risky and volatile segment of the markets. To increase your odds in this dangerous but sometimes spectacularly profitable space, you will want to rely on some expert help. Start with Lawrence Roulston, geologist and private equity investor, who has found 6 such 50 baggers in his 18 years of editing… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 07, 2014 BY Tommy Humphreys

Two heartening signs of a buyers market in natural resources include Lundin Mining’s purchase of Candelaria for nearly $2 billion, and Glencore’s posturing for super major Rio Tinto. Lundin and Glencore are entrepreneurial miners with large insider ownership. In the case of Lundin, you have the Lundin Family Trust ponying up for $100 million in… Continue Reading

POSTED ON October 02, 2014 BY Travis McPherson

We recently visited a company that, despite being in the most volatile gold market in history, has been able to raise the funds to develop one of the world’s last great gold deposits.  Now, this company is on the brink of a truly transformational period.  Over the next twelve months they are set to hit a number of high impact milestones… Continue Reading

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